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We are Committed to Quality

Millennium Translations grasps a complete understanding of the varied needs and demands of our clients. That is why we are 100% committed to delivering services that exceed expectations and add quality and value.

We are Excellent

Our success has always rested on the quality of the people we employ and the consistently high excellence in training we deliver.

We are Safe

With 5000+ certified translators and interpreters, we can comfortably keep pace with your content needs, no matter the volume.

We are Fast

It’s simple. Send us your files and get them back in exactly the same format. MTL allows you to spend more time on what really matters the most.

Professional Translation and Interpreting Services

We help businesses of all sizes, in every industry.

Document Translation

MTL is able to offer swift and accurate translation that often consists of highly confidential information, including legal and medical material.

We will ensure that all documents are translated with 100% accuracy, as we understand that any mistakes can lead to a significantly different translation and meaning.

We only employ professionals who have had the proper training, a high level of experience, linguistic proficiency and the writing skills to deliver a translation of the highest quality.

Telephone Interpreting

With the Covid-19 pandemic causing a mass amount of distribution to industries, telephone interpreting has become increasingly more popular over the last couple of years.

A telephone interpreter can be connected to you in a matter of seconds and is able to communicate with you on a one to one basis, ensuring to meet any interpretation needs you require from the other end of the telephone.

Video Interpreting

Technology has advanced rapidly throughout the years and this is reflected by the many ways we are able to communicate today.

Not only do we provide the option to communicate by telephone, but with our cutting-edge technology, we are now able to offer face-to-face virtual interpretation via a live video link, meaning we are also able to answer any questions etc, in an instant. Linking via video has been made even more popular by the recent pandemic and is a way of communication that is able to make people feel safe and confident in the service they are receiving.

Face to Face Interpreting

For those who do not have access to the current technology of telephone and video or if you just prefer a good old-fashioned meeting, we offer face-to-face interpreting.

This gives you the opportunity to meet your interpreter on a more personal and professional level. Face-to-face interpretation has always been a firm favourite with a number of our clients for the reasons stated above. The interpreter will also wait until the end of a speaker’s speech before they begin their interpretation. This is to ensure all context, meaning and tone have been clearly understood and nothing is, as they say, lost in translation.


Transcription consists of specialist software being used to enable the fast provision of transcripts in any required format. Transcription is by far one of our most popular and highly sought-after services we have to offer. It is completed by professionals who have the correct knowledge and experience within this field.
We are frequently asked to translate and transcript audio and video files into many different types of formats. These can include translating recorded interviews and meetings for investigation or legal proceedings, which are of the highest level of confidentiality. 

The process of transcription and translation consists of one of our accomplished translators watching or listening to your recording and essentially writing down the speech exactly as it is being spoken. Our translator will then use their extensive amount of training and experience to turn the desired text into the target langue, ensuring none of the original meaning is left out or lost.


If you have a translation that has been completed by someone else, yet you are unsure as to whether the document still reads right, MTL is here to help.

We have specially trained individuals to pick up on any errors or mistakes that may have been included in your finished piece. One of our specialists will go through your document in a significant amount of detail and will be sure to decipher the piece in stages, enabling them to identify any inaccuracies that could lead to misinterpretation. With one of our qualified linguists, we can assure you your final piece will be 100% accurate and only give out the message you originally intended.

Website Translations

As well as the several other services we offer, another popular type of translation service comes in the form of website translation. Once you have completed your website, our team of experts is then able to translate each and every word into the language you require.

With our team specialising in over 300 languages you can rest assured in knowing we are able to provide the service you require and deliver a finished product by the deadline agreed.


Subtitling is a type of audio-visual translation and comes with its own set of rules and guidelines. It consists of taking a piece of dialogue that is spoken and translating it into written text on the screen.

They must ensure that the meaning and context are kept intact throughout and that no details or information is misunderstood or removed in the process. Only a linguistic specialist who translates dialogue into a target language is able to perform such a complex task.


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