We Speak your Language

We have been operating for 20+ years as a translation agency for high-quality technical translations from all fields.


We Provide Expert Translations

Here at Millennium Translations, we really do speak your language. Our team of dedicated experts is now able to speak the different languages of over 100 countries across the globe, making us one of the most sought-after translation specialists today.

With an experience level exceeding 25 years in the interpretation and translation industry, we can guarantee to deliver the most exemplary service while ensuring to meet your needs and requirements one translated word at a time.

As a company, we offer a number of different services.

  • We cover over 360 languages.
  • We have a group of more than 5000 skilled and dedicated professionals.
  • We offer competitive rates and volume discounts.
  • We believe in process-driven translations.
  • On-demand telephone interpreting service using our dedicated application.
  • 24/7 service offered Nationwide
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Skilled dedicated professionals


Our History

Since 1999, Millennium Translations LTD has prided itself on providing translation and interpretation services of the highest quality for both the public and private sectors. Our services have enabled clients to communicate with ease and confidence, irrespective of where they are in the world. This is a significant part of our dedicated service without exception and regardless of a client’s geographical location.

Since we first opened our doors over 20 years ago, we have steadily built our top-quality reputation for the exceptional customer service we offer. This has been achieved by setting high standards throughout every department of our business without exception. That paired with the management team at MTL having over 60 years of experience between them in providing these services, it’s no wonder we have continued to provide exceptional service and results to all of our happy and satisfied clients.


Manchester, UK

Millennium House, 286 Yorkshire Street, Rochdale Lancashire, OL16 2DR

We are Committed to Quality

Our translations are as accurate as our valued customers are unique.

Our Vision

We strive to provide quality translations and interpretations. Our enhanced services are delivered by effective and professional staff.

We guarantee 24/7 translation and interpretation services that reach our clients and targeted audience without any hassle. We long to help in creating a world without a language barrier.

Our Mission

Our mission, which we have chosen to accept, is to provide first-class language services throughout the UK. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring we give every task nothing short of 100% commitment. With more than 5 million words translated weekly, our team is always working hard to meet the needs and requirements of each and every client.

Our Team

Our management team boasts over 60 years industry experience. We have built up a portfolio of exceptional resources. This includes thousands of linguists fluent in over 300 languages

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